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December 7, 2004

Tomcat Plugin for Eclipse

Plugin features
- Starting, stopping and restarting Tomcat 4.x, 5.0.x, 3.3
- Registering Tomcat process to Eclipse debugger
- Creating a WAR project (wizard can update server.xml file)
- Adding Java Projects to Tomcat classpath
- Setting Tomcat JVM parameters, classpath and bootclasspath
- Exporting a Tomcat project to a WAR File
- Choosing Tomcat configuration file
- Capability to use a special Tomcat classloader to have classes in several java projects loaded at the same classloader level than classes in a Tomcat project, see readmeDevLoader.html (Thanks to Martin Kahr)

- This plugin does not contain Tomcat.
(Download and install Tomcat before using this plugin).
This is a desing choice not to include Tomcat in the plugin distribution, this way everyone can choose a Tomcat version, it is easy to switch from one Tomcat version to another
- Download tomcatPluginVxxx.zip
- Unzip it in /plugins
- Plugin activation for Eclipse 2.1 :
select menu 'Window->Customize Perspective...', expand 'Others' and check 'Tomcat'
- Plugin activation for Eclipse 3.0 :
select menu 'Window->Customize Perspective...->Commands', and check 'Tomcat' in 'Available command groups'
- Set Tomcat home : Window -> Preferences, select Tomcat and set Tomcat home
This plugin launches Tomcat using the default JRE checked in Eclipe preferences window.
- To set a JDK as default JRE for Eclipse open the preference window : Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs.
This JRE must be a JDK (This is a Tomcat prerequisite).
- The plugin sets itself Tomcat classpath and bootclasspath. Use Preferences -> Tomcat ->JVM Settings, only if you need specific settings.

ref : http://www.sysdeo.com/eclipse/tomcatPlugin.html


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