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December 7, 2004

Tomcat Plugin for Eclipse

Plugin features
- Starting, stopping and restarting Tomcat 4.x, 5.0.x, 3.3
- Registering Tomcat process to Eclipse debugger
- Creating a WAR project (wizard can update server.xml file)
- Adding Java Projects to Tomcat classpath
- Setting Tomcat JVM parameters, classpath and bootclasspath
- Exporting a Tomcat project to a WAR File
- Choosing Tomcat configuration file
- Capability to use a special Tomcat classloader to have classes in several java projects loaded at the same classloader level than classes in a Tomcat project, see readmeDevLoader.html (Thanks to Martin Kahr)

- This plugin does not contain Tomcat.
(Download and install Tomcat before using this plugin).
This is a desing choice not to include Tomcat in the plugin distribution, this way everyone can choose a Tomcat version, it is easy to switch from one Tomcat version to another
- Download tomcatPluginVxxx.zip
- Unzip it in /plugins
- Plugin activation for Eclipse 2.1 :
select menu 'Window->Customize Perspective...', expand 'Others' and check 'Tomcat'
- Plugin activation for Eclipse 3.0 :
select menu 'Window->Customize Perspective...->Commands', and check 'Tomcat' in 'Available command groups'
- Set Tomcat home : Window -> Preferences, select Tomcat and set Tomcat home
This plugin launches Tomcat using the default JRE checked in Eclipe preferences window.
- To set a JDK as default JRE for Eclipse open the preference window : Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs.
This JRE must be a JDK (This is a Tomcat prerequisite).
- The plugin sets itself Tomcat classpath and bootclasspath. Use Preferences -> Tomcat ->JVM Settings, only if you need specific settings.

ref : http://www.sysdeo.com/eclipse/tomcatPlugin.html

December 4, 2004

Now, I'm interesting in the Web Services project. And I'm Thinking about what the next simple web services which easy to learn other people. Posted by Hello

December 1, 2004


This is me

My Partner

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